Reflex Arc

  Tomorrow's Intelligence, Today.

Who we are.

The team at Reflex Arc is an intellectually diverse assembly of minds. There is a shared, core passion for working on groundbreaking concepts and an appreciation for the work it takes to breath life into novel ideas. Collectively, our team has over 90+ years of experience developing, building and commercializing emerging technology and science platforms. We are naturally curious and harbor a strong desire to learn about and explore the world around us.

What we do.

Complex Adaptive Systems require real time, adaptive artificial intelligence applications. Due to limitations in model architecture modern A.I. systems are inherently fragile and maladaptive. Reflex Arc has developed a proprietary A.I. hardware platform to drive commercialization of new real time (low latency), adaptive artificial intelligence applications that were previously unattainable. Reflex Arc is currently developing and operating live models through proprietary financial technology applications.